888 to Launch 777 Casino

777smallHot off the press is the awesome news that 888 are all set to launch a brand new spin-off casino branded 777.com!


We searched high and low for all the juicy details, and from what we can see so far the new cutting-edge casino is set to leap onto the gaming scene Mid-October. A few months ago, 888 first gave a sneaky hint to players with the launch of two brand new live blackjack and roulette tables, bearing the 777 and not 888 trademark branding. Now we can see this was a crafty prelude to the new casino to come!


From what we can assume from the splash scene, the casino is set somewhere in the dusty Nevada desert, filled with blue skies and cactus trees. From the dust-filled screen there is a big smoky city in the distance – we’re hoping it’s Vegas! The mysteriously dusty splash scene actually managed to open up even more questions, like will the site be set in the desert or the city, is it Vegas or some other dusty city, and are they cactuses or trees?!


One thing we can assume is the 777 casino will follow in the unstoppable footsteps of the legendary 888 brand! We’re thinking a stylish mix of cutting edge graphics, state of the art features, pulse-racing casino games and juicy bonuses! Watch this space for more info!